One of the things I love about being a Photographer is that I get the chance to travel, meet great people and experience new things each day. When Mauro mentioned to me that he wanted to do a maternity session with his wife and that he wanted to do it in Sedona, Arizona I was excited. I was a bit nervous because I have never been to Sedona. I arrived in Sedona early to discover places. As I was driving around I was amazed by the scenery that the city of Sedona had. Before going up, I asked a few friends what they thought of Sedona and their responses were the same with..." pretty much anywhere you go in Sedona is beautiful.

As I was looking for good scenery I discovered this small private park and it worked just perfect for this lovely couple! Elegance in Sedona was a hit! By the time Mauro and Debby got there I had a plan. We started off by the small airport. I love the fact that it was up a hill. I knew that I had to get some shots of them walking up the road. The fun part was trying to take the shots quickly before the cars came up. It wasn't easy but Debby was a true trooper! Once I was done there we started driving down the private park which was only 5 mins away but it took us 30 mins to get there because we kept stopping to take different shots because the scenery was just amazing. Once we arrived at the park, Debby and Mauro changed to something more casual and this is why the park worked perfectly!

I had such a great time with the Almaraz family and I am so happy for their new journey.

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